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11+ course at Grade9Tuition. Grade 9 Tuition.

The 11+ exams are becoming increasingly popular amongst KS2 pupils looking to get into Grammar schools. These exams include four disciplines, two of which are maths and non verbal reasoning (which requires mathematical fluency).


There are two main specifications used; CEM and GL Assessments. Both demand strong core skills in arithmetic skills, problem-solving and manipulation of data. Non-verbal reasoning assesses spatial awareness, pattern-spotting and logical skills.

We are aware that pupils are not coached for these exams and parents are becoming increasingly concerned about finding a good tutor for the 11+ exams, to meet its demand. Most children benefit from several months of support; often regular weekly tuition, building rigour and polish across core skills, being fully stretched and challenged academically and then shaping their performance towards the demands of the exam. Any support or tuition focused on preparing for the 11+ exam also brings a significant and broader benefit to your child, in terms of their general schoolwork and confidence.


At our centre, we aim to provide a wholesome 11+ approach, so that pupils understand concepts to achieve fantastic results and learn to cope with the demands of Year 7 and beyond!


This class will be an add-on to the normal KS3 class and will run after Christmas if there is enough demand so please fill out our application form if you are interested.

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