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A-Level Further Mathematics

Alevel further maths course at Grade9Tuition. Grade 9 Tuition.

For A-Level Further Mathematics, students will take four exams at the end of year 13.  Two will be compulsory core modules (Core Pure 1 and Core Pure 2) and two optional modules (of which there 10 different combinations).  In our lessons we will cover the full core (two modules) and FS1 specifications.  We have designed our scheme of learning so that we tap into A-Level maths topics prior to learning certain further topics to supplement learning and understanding.  

Although further maths is arguably the hardest A-Level, students find it incredibly stimulating and a great challenge over normal mathematics.  In fact, most students prefer it over normal maths! You learn important skills that are relevant for future employment such as matrices (used in video game creation), differential equations (used in finance) and decision mathematics (used in computer science).

Employers love students who have taken further maths as it demonstrates their ability to think logically and analytically.  Over the course of two years students will have built an incredible amount of resilience to problem solving and develop their ability to think outside of the box. If you are looking to apply for a degree in maths, physics, engineering, computer science or finance then further mathematics is highly advised (even if it is to at least AS maths). 


" I’ve had multiple tutors but none of them compare to Neil Trivedi, his methods are outstanding and he’s always pushing me to do extra work. He goes through all the details during lessons and his methods are easy to understand. After each topic we do a test which helps me see how well my understanding is. If I need help Neil is always happy to give me more work! His homeworks make me apply my knowledge and they’re the final challenge that help me understand the topic completely."

- Anamaria

"Grade9Tuition has helped me tremendously with my ability within mathematics. Neil is an excellent tutor, his various methods make A-level Further maths seem trivial and simple. The provision of resources is also exceptional, with weekly home works which feature challenging problems that are unlike any standard textbook, assessments for each topic, as well as corrections too."

- Oliver 

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"Neil Trivedi is the best teacher I've had for Maths and he has helped me a lot since I started tuition with him. His methods are clear and easy to understand. He uses topic assessments after finishing each topic to spot misconceptions which hels us understand the topic to it's fullest. He also gives us challenging homework that gets you thinking. Both are good ways of seeing where we are and how well we understand that specific topic."

- Gabriel

"Mr Trivedi has improved my mathematical ability, allowing me to understand further maths in a larger detail. He is an excellent tutor who sets homework regularly and gives tests out after finishing a topic. The homework he sets are very difficult but this helps us at the end of the year for our exam."

- Devan

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