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A-Level Mathematics

Alevel maths course at Grade9Tuition. Grade 9 Tuition.

A-Level mathematics has become linear meaning that exams will take place at the end of year 13.  Previously students would take formal exams at the end of year 12 and 13.

A-Levels have changed drastically from the old specification.  Universities have had a larger input into what should be in the syllabus which has led to the style of questioning changing.  There is a much larger emphasis on pupils being able to apply mathematical concepts to real life concepts (see below).  

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Edexcel A-Level SAM Paper 1 Q11

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"I am currently learning A-level maths solely with Grade9Tuition and the quality of learning resources are exceptional with assessments each topic to get an understanding of how well I have understood each chapter. The homework tasks given every week help with learning independently and with only 2 hours of contact time each week; each week provides a new challenge that is clearly explained to help with learning outside of school."

- Dhruv

"Mr Trivedi has helped me a lot with Mathematics because I used to struggle a lot with it but now coming to this tuition centre has helped me understand specific topics better and confidently answer questions. The work set for me has helped me to practise the skills needed to answer the exam style questions, therefore I'd like to thank Mr Trivedi for helping and supporting me with the subject."

- Shivani

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"Mr Trivedi has been of great help for me and has helped me enhance my mathematical abilities. For example, I used to struggle a lot on Mechanics and came across his website, ever since i joined Grade9 Tuiton I have never regretted being part of the group and it has helped improved my insight on mechanics and given me more confidence towards the subject."

- Tomi

"I am currently studying AS mathematics with Mr.Trivedi and he is an excellent teacher. My understanding of mathematics since studying with Grade9Tuition has improved massively and this is all thanks to Mr.Trivedi. He gives challenging homework and exam papers alongside with tests to help us keep ontop of our work and he’s always willing to help us with any problems we have with any of the topics and questions.

- Vanisha

The largest change is that students must learn both mechanics and statistics.  In the old specification students had a variety of options.  Not only must they learn both, but the concepts they must learn are a lot more challenging and mostly come from the old further maths syllabus.  For the new A-Level specification we recommend that students purchase the Casio CG50 Graphic Calculator, however, the ClassWiz FX-991EX - Scientific calculator is also fine.

Here at Grade9Tuition we will ensure that students are exposed to enough questions which link a variety of concepts and are practising these new style of questions.  We will cover the whole speciification.

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