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GCSE course at Grade9Tuition. Grade 9 Tuition.

The new GCSE curriculum is far more demanding in terms of the mathematical knowledge required. It is far more rigorous and students are required to be highly competent and fluent in their knowledge.  Edexcel have stated how there is more content to teach with harder topics being introduced into the specification (many of which used to be in the old A-Level specification).  Examinations now have a greater emphasis on use of problem solving techniques and mathematical reasoning.

Due to this we have created a carefully designed scheme of learning to ensure that our lessons, assessments and homework consist of:

  • content that translates problems in mathematical or non-mathematical contexts into a process or a series of mathematical processes

  • make and use connections between different parts of mathematics

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"Grade9Tuition has helped me so much with my maths, Monica makes the lessons enjoyable and pushes us to achieve the highest grades possible. She really shows us how much she believes in us and wants us to do well. The teaching methods are amazing, Monica always listens to us and takes into consideration any topics we need extra help with and explains them in great detail so that we definitely understand. I couldn't ask for a better tutor thank you so much."

- Natasha

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"Monica is a great teacher with lots of patience. She has taught me many different and logical methods in maths which make solving problems easier. She makes sure that you fully understand before moving on and explains new and harder topics very well. The exam questions are challenging however, Monica explains step-by-step how they can be solved. I have improved in maths and managed to get into the top set. Great accomplishment, thanks to Monica!"

- Ishay

"I have been with Grade9Tuition since January 2020, and I feel that I have made a considerable level of progress in the topics that have been covered, which has been reflected in my test results. This is all because of the level of personal attention provided by Monica, as she takes the time to explain the questions and topics thoroughly, as well as using different techniques to help us understand the topic easily. She follows the syllabus and ensures that we understand it, which makes it helpful for us when we cover the topic in school, as we would be one step ahead of the others, and would already have a clear idea of the topic itself. Monica is available to help us 24/7, with any questions we may have on any work set by her, as well as any schoolwork. She has also arranged online Skype lessons during the lockdown period, to ensure we are completing the syllabus, and she motivates us to carry on enjoying maths through her friendly character, even during these tough lockdown times."

- Krishan

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