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GCSE Further Mathematics

GCSE Further Maths course at Grade9Tuition. Gade 9 Tuition.

Universities highlight the importance of further mathematics whether it be at GCSE or A-Levels.  At GCSE, further mathematics is an opportunity to be exposed to more formal concepts such as matrices and solving trigonometric equations.  Students will see the importance of such concepts and also where they can be used in industry!

Most schools teach to the AQA Further Mathematics syllabus which is what we will be focusing on.  More information can be found here.

The qualification was introduced to distinguish between the top achieving students (much like the AEA and STEP at A-Levels).  We highly advise pupils aiming for a grade 7-9 to take this qualification and especially if they will like to take mathematics at A-Levels. 

It is difficult now for universities to distinguish between pupils as A-Levels have become linear (meaning it is rare for year 12s to have official qualifications at the end of year 12) and having GCSE further mathematics will strengthen their application.  This class will be an add-on to the normal GCSE class and will run after Christmas if there is enough demand so please fill out our application form if you are interested.

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