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Key Stage 3 / Year 9

KS3 course at Grade9Tuition. Grade 9 Tuition.

We have created a bespoke KS3 scheme of learning taking into account OFSTED’s new recommendations for maths.  They suggest using manipulatives and a range of teaching styles to teach the foundations of each topic whilst providing enough time to practice and master the concept.


With this in mind, our teaching is more hands on and focuses on fluency, reasoning and problem-solving across most topics at KS3.


The way a child will learn early secondary maths at Grade9Tuition will prepare them for when they begin the GCSE course with us. We take them through a learning journey of concrete, pictorial and abstract representations of problems, while giving them time to cover ‘intelligent practice’ questions. This stops the need for rote learning and provides the child the opportunity to solve non-routine maths problems without having to memorise procedures.

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"Grade9tuition has taught me a lot over the period of time that i have been with. Monica is a lovely teacher and has wonderful teaching methods, she has helped me through math in school and has made me improve a lot in my weekly skills checks in school. The half-termly tests that we have in tuition are very helpful and keep me on track. 
I couldn't ask for a better tutor, thank you Monica for teaching me so well.

- Sinni

"I am currently in year 9 and so I am with Monica. Monica is a great tutor and she makes sure we understand everything we learn thoroughly. She pushes us to the next level and gives us good and helpful amounts of homework. I would definitely recommend this to someone who wants to go further in maths."

- Zoe

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